Semester B Project Proposal Form

Name / Team member names: Lene Utklev Gaupen

Working title: My Green Home

Blog URL:

What is the intended idea / concept behind the proposed project?

To educate young children on global environmental issues in todays society through an interactive fairytale, and by doing so create awareness and encourage good “green” habits from a young age.

Justify the idea / concept in terms of the needs for its existence (if purely for entertainment, state this and how the output will be innovative/original and creative):

There is no denying that the global environmental issue is still unresolved, despite plenty initiatives, organisations and high profiled social figures addressing the issue through a variety of mediums – social media, television, online streaming services, books etc. As an addition to all these methods, I propose to encourage good eco-friendly, habits in children from an early age by teaching them about the environmental issues at hand and show them how they can contribute through small changes and improvements.This project will hopefully do so.

Describe the intended audience:

The intended audience will be the children aged approximately 4-8, but also their parent(s) and potential older siblings. I want the project to have enough content to be entertaining to a secondary audience, but still fundamentally be designed for the target audience.

How will this project extend your or your team’s creative and technical skills?

Creatively this project will be a challenge as I will have to look into both the design and animation aspect of creating a interactive story. I will to create a series of designs for the story itself, as well as the layout of whatever medium (Game, app,webpage) the story will work on. As for the technological, I will have to look into what goes into creating an interactive story. I will also have to look into children’s education and school curriculum to make sure the fairytale contains relevant information.

Outline how the practical work will be carried out by you / the team (division of labour) and the time-scales involved for each task:


I will use the the first weeks to research:

  • Use of fairytales in an educational manner.
  • Children’s curriculum and to what extent they cover environmental topics.
  • Existing texts for children with environmental themes.
  • Similar products for inspiration.


  • These weeks will be used for design research and development, as well as animating my product.


  • I will use the last weeks to finalise the animations and designs, as well as completing the R&D file.


What other work (by animators, designers, film-makers, writers, digital media producers, etc.) is relevant to your project? (This work may either be relevant for its conceptual or technical similarity):

Nosy Crow’s Cinderella:

Telltale Games:

Hayao Miyazaki:

List any critical texts that are relevant to your conceptual intentions: (In Norwegian)

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